Retro Superplex 125 – The Post Wrestlemania 34 Post Pre Game

Retro Superplex 125 – The Post Wrestlemania 34 Post Pre Game

The guys return post-pre-game to talk about Wrestlemania and NXT New Orleans! They also give their promised review of insane 2017 indie shooter TORMENTOR X PUNISHER which is sort of a combination of arcade shooters like Total Carnage and something that Adult Swim would put up at 4 in the morning to confuse stoners.

But WWE’s biggest weekend of the year was the focus and while the general quality of the wrestling was improved upon over the last couple of years there was still more bad than good. The dudes talk about the interminable debut of Ronda Rousey having to pretend she couldn’t armbar Stephanie McMahon, Brock Lesnar’s SHOCK victory, and how AJ Styles and Nakamura somehow massively under-delivered. Let’s also try not to dwell on WHAT THEY DID TO ASUKA. But, as usual, NXT totally over-delivered with another of their amazing Takeover shows which showed talent from top to bottom.

Justin – NES G.I. JOE

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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