Retro Superplex 128 – Thundercatsssssssss

Retro Superplex 128 – Thundercatsssssssss

The dudes have a show for you! Martin reviews the new comedy/horror DIRECTOR’S CUT (find where to watch it here) written by and starring Penn Jillette which is “a very meta blending of Be Kind, Rewind and Maniac.” Did you know that the former Enzo Amore is a rapper now? He’s actually worse at it than wrestling which is astonishing. Talking about being bad at what you do, what does it say that 205 Live can build up a wrestling match better than anything on the main roster? Buddy Murphy vs Cedric Alexander was not only a great match but was a great example of how to build a compelling storyline which is simply “this guy is the champ, this guy wants the belt.” Also, JUSTIN BUYS STUFF and Thundercats ROAR back to life with a “controversial” art style. Good stuff!

Justin: Metal Slug X
Martin: Bowfinger


Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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