Retro Superplex 132 – All Kindsa Shit

Retro Superplex 132 – All Kindsa Shit

Often late but always great, it’s the BEST CAST MACHINE, your Retro Superplex. Recorded at the end of January (sorry about that, life has been happening) the guys talk about All Elite Wrestling, WWE not granting releases, and Rey Mysterio doing indie shit on Smackdown. Resident Evil 2 gets brought up, that RE Engine is really something ain’t it? Then there’s even a movie review, 2003’s horror comedy MONSTURD. Yes this is a real movie. Yes it’s on Youtube. Yes you should watch it. So the guys hit pretty much all the bases! And they’ll be back LATER THIS WEEK! Oh shit!

Justin – Tetris Effect
Martin – Faults

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