Retro Superplex 135 – Power Metal Hendrix Covers

Retro Superplex 135 – Power Metal Hendrix Covers

Hey want to hear about some stuff that isn’t about beloved characters dying? Well here’s some Retro Superplex for ya! The fallout from Wrestlemania and G1 Supercard, the weekend where professional wrestling as a sport lost its mind. Martin and Justin talk about not just the badness of WWE but how far ROH has fallen and how cynical and badly booked they have become. nZo and KaZ XL or whatever the hell they’re called will now be working with ROH and it’s just the worst. Then… the VIKING EXPERIENCE? REALLY? Then game console hi-jinx with PS5 news, Xbox One supidity and the CAPCOM HOME ARCADE which looks expensive and awesome. Lots of fun so check it out!

Cave’s Progear
MartinThe Andromeda Strain

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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Here’s that match with Muta and Lyger that actually delivers!