Retro Superplex 138 – Americanrana 19, Bloodstained, and Pink Shirts

Retro Superplex 138 – Americanrana 19, Bloodstained, and Pink Shirts

Hello everybody! Martin would like you to know that he did not forget to post this episode and that it was all part of his plan. He would also like you know that he is the raw demerrara sugar in your coffee and the Bernie Sanders of wrestling podcasts.

This episode covers two amazing events, one of which being the release of BLOODSTAINED. We’re pretty sure they’ve been talking about this game for as long as this podcast exists and they finally got to play the actual game and it’s actually really, really damn good. Fancy that.

Also, Beyond Wrestling had their biggest show of the year, Americanrana 19. It broke streaming records for and delivered everything a fan could have hoped for and more. It also broke the record for the most British podcasters called Martin at a Beyond Wrestling event because Martin drove four+ hours to witness Americanrana 19 live. He shares his views on the show in a live capacity and tells the story about how he left with a pink t-shirt, sold to him by a marketing genius.

Other random stuff is here too and if that isn’t enough for you, there’s another episode coming out later on today! WHAT?! See, it was all part of Martin’s plan for the BEST CAST MACHINE. Thanks for listening!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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Photo owned by John Washer – Freelance Photography