Retro Superplex 140 – The HELL(?) In a Cell

Retro Superplex 140 – The HELL(?) In a Cell

Did you know that you can be disqualified in a Hell in a Cell match? Like, you can throw people OFF the Cell, slam them THROUGH it, fling them all around it, but DON’T USE A SMALL HAMMER.

Meanwhile in the world of GOOD wrestling Beyond Wrestling is killing it with Uncharted Territory on Indendent Wrestling dot TV  with the best wrestling you can see anywhere on a weekly show. Meanwhile unknown upstart promotion All Elite Wrestling has debuted on TNT and it’s a damn good time.

ALSO Chikara’s King of Trios had another very successful year both putting the spotlight on some indie up and comers while serving their usual brand of nuanced and original storytelling. AND Master P buys indie fed House of Glory, Big Swoll for world champ!

Martin also follows up on Control, the flawed but deeply ambitous and surprisingly charming video game from Alan Wake developer Remedy.

Get it there and join the fun!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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