Retro Superplex 141 – WWE 2K20 is a Load of Rubbish

Retro Superplex 141 – WWE 2K20 is a Load of Rubbish

Take Two has unleashed the most broken WWE game of all time with WWE 2K20. And that’s saying something because they’ve been broken garbage for years. But in every glitch where wrestlers shoot through the ring, get trapped in a strange rope nightmare, it embelmatic for WWE as a whole right now. Buy CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling instead.

Meanwhile AEW is WINNING with simple, straight forward booking and really fun matches. Martin was also lucky enough to attend the third show in Philadelphia and had a great time and came away with observations on the production and style of the live event. Plus other fun stuff so check it!

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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