Retro Superplex 144 – The Great Releasening

Retro Superplex 144 – The Great Releasening

Let the floodgates open! WWE begins to release wrestlers from their contracts including Sin Cara and DIRT GAWD Luke Harper! Who’s next?! Then Joey Mercury decided to pour tea all over Twitter and the wrestling world showing an alleged list of talent Ring of Honor plans to dump in the New Year.

Also Capcom RELEASED information about their RELEASE of their upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake. It’s coming surprisingly soon and on top of that it’s being bundled with their asymmetrical co-op game Resident Evil Resistance which is laudable because many publishers would have RELEASED them as two separate titles.

Join us for our Holiday Special next week where the guys are reviewing the WWE-produced Christmas movie Santa’s Little Helper starring Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Paige “Paige” Paige. It’s surely a pile of shit but they’re doing it for you, their beloved listeners.

Martin – Capcom Mini Mix for GBA
Justin – Dragon’s Lair

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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