Retro Superplex 106 Removed

Retro Superplex 106 Removed

It has come to our attention that extremely serious and disturbing accusations have been made against professional wrestler Rory Gulak. We have decided to remove episode 106 of Retro Superplex which featured an interview with Rory. We act in the wake of CHIKARA and other organizations severing their ties with him, this is not something we take lightly.

We are both feel strongly that you should listen to the victims. The allegations made against Rory Gulak are severe enough that we cannot give him a platform if there’s even the slightest chance that our podcast could trigger any sort of pain for those he has victimized. His behavior has been corroborated by numerous sources and is utterly abhorrent to us. If you are sensitive to such things we don’t even recommend you Google it. Do yourself a favor and take our word on that.

We utterly opposed to the exploitation and victimization of groups that do not necessarily have the experience, strength or support needed to keep them safe. Thank you for your time.

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