Retro Superplex 149 – The Rona Virus

Retro Superplex 149 – The Rona Virus

Shit is getting real all around the world with the Coronavirus pandemic and the guys are here to help you through the isolation of self-quarantine. Stay strong, take care of yourselves and we’ll get through this!

Justin and Martin talk about the effect of the pandemic on one of their favorite things, pro rasslin’ of course! AEW is doing a pretty good job dealing with this all while WWE, well, has been WWE. Vince McMahon ever the humanitarian decides to put an immuno-compromised man in Roman Reigns in a wrestling match and somehow this wasn’t seen as a bad idea?

Martin watched Tiger King, like half of the world has at this point. He talks about that and the guys discuss some other things you can watch to keep yourself sane through “these uncertain times.” Martin also has a PSA about butt wipes. They’ll be back real soon with another episode and news of new projects! For real! Take care everybody, we love you and need you to all stay safe and well.

AEW images credit:  Lee South/AEW

Special Inro music comes from Circle of Dust

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