Retro Superplex 151 – Essential Services

Retro Superplex 151 – Essential Services

How’s everybody holding up? We hope this podcast finds you well. It feels like such a long time since we last spoke, only a small amount of time has gone by but so much has happened! 

Vince McMahon and his cohorts are at it again. Turns out their enormously profitable first quarter of 2020 was just not enough to sustain their ridiculously bloated roster. As I write you today 25 wrestlers have lost their jobs and many other members of staff have been put on furlough. Funny to read that after Vince himself said “Our first quarter financial performance was strong and largely unimpacted by the COVID-19 outbreak”

Fear not though, WWE has been deemed an “essential service” in Florida so that they can broadcast live wrestling from their Performance Center and Fullsail University. All it took was for Linda McMahon’s pro-Trump super PAC to pump over $18 million in advertising into the state! Wait, I’m mistaken, that has absolutely nothing to do with it. What does this mean for other wrestling companies who might have access to facilities there? Well, let’s hope they’re more careful about their talents’ safety than making them work three to six hours of live TV every week!

What else has been happening that I can tell you about? Oh! There was some talk about video games. Did you know that WWE 2K20 was an unmitigated disaster? A dumpster fire crashing into a train? Well it turns out that there’s not going to be a new WWE video game this year, probably because of that darn Coronavirus! That’s okay though, our friends Retrosoft Studios have announced a new character for their game Retromania Wrestling! I think you would really like it!

Please also spare a thought for Martin during these difficult times. Not only is he having to work with the public in these uncertain times but he also got himself mixed up with the cinematic output of a man called Neil Breen. I’ve not heard of him myself but Martin seems awfully bewildered and upset about it. But that’s okay because Justin is SO excited for Streets of Rage 4, bless his little cotton socks.

How are you doing? We’ll talk to you again soon.
Love, Retro Superplex XOXO

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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