Retro Superplex 154 – Reloaded 2: The Reloadening

Retro Superplex 154 – Reloaded 2: The Reloadening

The podcast with the most-cast is back and that didn’t even make sense. Like why they made a sequel to 12 Rounds but here we are, with Randy Orton sleepwalking through a relentlessly incoherent series of stupid situations that make no sense. So a lot like an episode of Raw.

Did you know Sony did a thing? There’s a new console and stuff, it looks silly. It looks like you bought it from Wish and it took two months to arrive. Anyway there’s a bunch of games they showed off and some of them looked pretty beat so we talked about it.

The next episode is going to be a rough one, but necessary. See you then.

Martin’s Synthwave Sanctum: Gunship by Gunship!

Martin: Neil Breen’s Twisted Pair
Justin: Monster World IV

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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