Retro Superplex New 72 – #SpeakingOut: Burn It Down

Retro Superplex New 72 – #SpeakingOut: Burn It Down


CONTENT WARNING: the first half of the episode covers topics of sexual assault, harassment, ableism and bullying. Check out the “fun half” episode that cuts this part out if you don’t want to be exposed to these themes.

If you are facing or have faced abuse of any kind, please know that you are not alone and there are many who want to help
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Martin and Justin speak about the #SpeakingOut movement and the many terrible people who have taken advantage of their positions in the wrestling industry. It is important to criticize the things that you love so it can become better for everyone and if it means burning a lot of things to the ground, then so be it. And fuck Mike Quackenbush.

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