Retro Superplex 155 – Panic Club

Retro Superplex 155 – Panic Club

The dudes are back and they’re definitely going to get back on a regular schedule we swear, guys. Among the topics is the amazing new concept from WWE and their underground fighting ring. So amazing is this concept that Martin was inspired and has some dynamite new ideas for Vince McMahon that have everything: cinematic moments, exciting set pieces and compelling characters. All original!

We’ll be back with recent AEW happenings, video game industry bullshit, and more W-W-W-W-WACKY FUN!

Justin’s HOSSUMENTARY – Dr Death Steve Williams vs Terry Gordy
Martin’s SYNTHWAVE SANCTUM – Outrun by Kavinsky

Justin – Panic Restaurant for NES
Martin – Split Second now on Blu-ray baby!

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