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Philly Bathroom Graffiti Roundup: The Abbaye

I’m going to stop kidding myself.  I love hipster bars, for what I think are really good reasons.  For starters, hipster bars are run by hipsters.  Crafty, creative, pretentious hipsters.  If there is one thing hipsters do well, it’s the following list of three things:

Philly Bathroom Graffiti Round-up

  This week’s bathroom round-up is pretty special.  And by pretty special, I mean, pretty goddamn hipster. These were taken at El Camino Real, a really great mexican restaurant in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia (the heart of Philadelphia hipsterdom.)  The food is tasty, the service is good (and very attractive) and …

Philly bathroom graffiti round-up

It’s Saturday.  Like most people, I like to use Saturday morning to reflect on what happened the night before.  This is not unlike Sunday morning, except on Sunday morning, I tend to be a bit more hungover. I relocated back to good ol’ Philly a few months ago, and was …