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The Super Jawncast 84 – Old Man Face for PS4

Hi folllllks! It’s episode 84 of your favorite podcast and the guys have a tech and gaming-heavy show including Mortal Kombat, just who exactly the $1300 Chromebook Pixel is supposed to be for and another hate-filled rant about Kotaku. Then the guys provide analysis on the PS4 announcement and the …

Sony Announces PS4 – a More Standard Hardware Architecture Plus Very Pretty Pictures

As expected, Sony announced the PS4. In an unusual move, it will be a new, slimmer and download-only PSVita unit. JUST KIDDING. The PS4 is the fully-fledged follow up to the PS3 that we all expected. Here’s a summary of what we have learned so far about the platform….

The Super Jawncast 83 – Susceptible to Trolling

Basketball, Olympic Wrestling, fake cat porn, Peter Dinklage in X-men: Days of Future Past, Aliens: Colonial Marines being shit, PS4 rumors and epic trolling are what you have to look forward to this week. Please share, rate and support us in any way you can, we surely would appreciate it. …