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Sony Announces PS4 – a More Standard Hardware Architecture Plus Very Pretty Pictures

As expected, Sony announced the PS4. In an unusual move, it will be a new, slimmer and download-only PSVita unit. JUST KIDDING. The PS4 is the fully-fledged follow up to the PS3 that we all expected. Here’s a summary of what we have learned so far about the platform….

The Super Jawncast 39 – Silica Gel

The Rider has returned and the extended Super Jawncast crew (Jen and Sharon came along for the ride!) witnessed it first hand in glorious 3D and bring you their views on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Can the directors of Crank do better than that really awful first Ghost Rider …

The Super Jawncast 18 – Tha Laaaawwww

The Super Jawncast returns for episode 18, wherein the guys are shockingly well-behaved, at least in comparison to normal. They speak on the current face and future of handheld game including the announcement that Game stop is releasing its own tablet and the unwise release of a second thumb pad …